Twinning the New Sabbath Project — The Best Export We’ve Got

Since beginning to blog, we’ve been hoping to expand our New Sabbath Project — sharing the best Jewish export — helping others to build a fence around the sacred — a weekly sabbatical from the 24-hour information highway and the working world that demands we stay tied to our technology both at the office and away. The sabbatical — no matter how short is meant to protect rest, reflection and rejuvenation. The idea is that through a weekly feast with members of your community to acknowledge and celebrate “being” instead of “doing”, be it with friends, neighbours or strangers who become friends, that we build community and citizenship because it is in this consciously restful and reflective state that we can find the place to share part of ourselves in a deeper way with our neighbours; we can talk more freely about the things that matter in life. We are pleased that aside from now expanding the New Sabbath Project to Kenya, we have now for the first time, twinned with another home in Toronto his week — with a friend originally from Vancouver now living in Toronto. No stranger to a weekly Jewish Sabbath (Shabbat), she would be including different faiths at her dinner table — which is part of the pluralistic message of the New Sabbath Project. For us, we had an eclectic mix with non-Jewish Italians, East Coast Canadians mixed with Greek Orthodox, a Yemenite and a Jamaican Jew who had contacted us through our website and asked to join in — curious as to what we do here. While we welcomed them into our home, we were reminded that we cannot do this alone. And, it’s not enough to just stick to family or stick to “your own”. In an effort to truly build community, you must be willing to expand your borders, lower your barriers and open your home — no matter how small — to people you may not have considered before. We cannot keep hoping others will take the lead — we must take the lead ourselves, accept there is some work involved but also know that it is doable, manageable and totally rewarding as a social exercise. Without taking the leap — even once in a while — to build that fence around the sacred and open your home to members of your community, neighbours, co-workers — every day just rolls into the next and we continue by and large to ignore our neighbours and stay within a much smaller world. A huge thanks to Brianna for agreeing to twin with a pluralistic New Sabbath Project dinner. If you think you’d like to twin with us one Friday night, please contact us. We’ll be happy to help.

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