Growing the New Sabbath Project — Across Toronto and Hometowns Everywhere

Challenge: Looking for 5 – 10 other people who would like to host a New Sabbath (Shabbat) dinner all over Toronto or your city. Let’s build community and keep growing.

Need inspiration? Check out Ted Talk and Alain de Botton on Atheism 2.0

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13 thoughts on “Growing the New Sabbath Project — Across Toronto and Hometowns Everywhere

  1. We could try it here in Arnhem, a city of 130,000 or so in the Netherlands. I don’t know if there are any other Jews around, but of course who cares. Also, they speak a different language here, so our conversations might remain a bit superficial. But there are nice folks in this place. There’s some kind of big festival coming up when everyone wears orange and gets drunk. Maybe I’ll ask around.

    Seriously, it’s a really nice idea. One of the few things I miss about Toronto is your Shabbat dinners. I think what you’re doing is great: spreading the light (is that too cheesy?) At least spreading one good idea about how to connect.

    Good luck with it!

  2. Greetings thousand miles away from your Toronto home. I trust this email finds you all well. I read your blog with a lot interest. I came to realized your love to people, which I believed motivated your to start ‘sabbath project’. This is wonderful idea to love and serve your neighbors.As a christian minister I believe this is one of the kinds of ministries to God and people. I’m not sure if you are christian but this is worthy in God eye.
    I and my wife I live in remotes areas of rift valley Kenya,with our young kinds,ages 5,9 and 11. We love people and every week we spent a lot serving the needy people including orphans, widows and the aging. With unconditional love and care we have transformed live of many.With the produces from small farm,enable us to feed our family and those friends of ours,whom we love much.
    By doing so God in turns blessed our work of hands.None of us is employed.I’m wondering if you can extend your sabbath project to includes serving the needy here even here in Africa,I have no doubt this will great blessings to additional blessings you are already receiving!by doing so,many restless children without foods to eats,clothing to warms or shelter will find sabbath rest.
    This just a suggestion and I will be happy to hear your view on this.
    God bless you.
    Have a blessed day.

    • Hi Cortney and Ralph,
      I’m happy that you responded my email,I read to day and happy to write again to you. It is great you care people and want to serve them beyond religion’s boundaries. This is good because God’s love is to all people. Without unconditional love is difficult to serves people because some barriers like,which denomination do go,which day of the week you worship etc ,will hinder service to all,I like your stand I have no doubt you are good people.
      Since 1993, after dropping from high school because my father could not afford paying my school fees,i and other three start a ministry to preach to the Masai community.By then i was single young man. In 2000 I married my current wife Rhoda,we have three children namely: J
      Rimpaine(first born), Rehema Naasisho(sec) and Laban Pariken the
      My wife is a housewife and I’m self support pastor. We live in Shankoe location, Osupukia village in Transmara District of Rift Valley-Kenya. Our ministry has grown from 3 people when start to over 400 people now. Our small churches are scattered in fast Maasai Land. We meet on Saturday for worship. Every congregation is lead by a pastor and autonomous to others but work closely to reach people with God’s
      We have also started a school project in 2010, currently with over 80
      kids, most of them are total orphans, from single family, poor families and able people. We serve them all without any kind of
      discrimination. We have three volunteer teachers.
      With support from local churches and community as whole we try to help these needy kids with clothes, books, pencils and other small needs. Some parent are poor
      to extent of not affording to provide a pencil and exercise book to
      their children, let alone uniform, which is expensive. We plan to start
      feeding program to those in needs but we are yet to implement the
      program .
      Attached are photos of churches and school.You can see my pictures
      also(pastor Julius), also photos of animals of nearest game reserve
      (Masai Mara ),which about 70 kilometers from our home. I will send
      later of my family including my mother.
      Feel free to share the photos with your friend and let me know any
      more question.
      God bless you,

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