Shabbat Goes Universal

Check out the article on the New Sabbath Project. Read our blog, then join us. Let’s celebrate our best export – on a pluralistic, progressive, inclusive level — breaking bread and growing community — one meal at a time.

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2 thoughts on “Shabbat Goes Universal

  1. Ralph:
    We met years ago and now I “met” you again via Gilah Kahn of our Jerusalem team. When we first met I told you that an explorer named Mergui discovered some islands in the South Pacific that are named after him.
    This New Sabbath Project is a brilliant idea. I am an observant Jew, so Shabbat comes naturally to me. Maybe even too naturally. We can easily fall into the trap of what Abraham Joshua Heschel called “religious behaviourism”. Don’t let anyone force you into observance patterns that are not comfortable. There is plenty of room in the post-modern age for experimentation and adaptation of ancient rituals.
    Gilah and I happen to work for an organization which has as its mission sharing Jewish knowledge, values, experience, and expertise with the wider world with no missionary strings attached. See and
    I wish you lots of sabbath peace. If I can be helpful, call me anytime.
    Dr. Seymour Epstein (Epi)

    • Hi Seymour
      So here I am one year later. Shana Tova and thank you for the note. Send my est to Gilah. TAG looks fascinating. I wish there was a way we could work together. Through the Newsabbathproject we have been trying to help a community activist in the Rift Valley who has started his won Sabbath project with a little bit of help from us. People come from all around , light candles and share a modest feast.Right now he is trying to upgrade their small school and we are struggling to figure out how to help from way over here. TAG and it’s knowledge sharing platform looks inspirational. Let me know if you think there s any way we can share in the tikkun olam you’ve engaged in.
      my email is

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