Sexing Religion

It’s become more than a cliche to say that “sex” is everywhere in contemporary, Western society. Hyper-commercialized notions of sexuality – and usually heterosexuality — saturate our public space — from advertising to music to infotainment programming parading around as news. Forget being tall enough to reach the porn magazines — sexual suggestion is insidious — at the makeup and so-called “fashion” magazine counters at the drug store. I’m reminded here of my seven year old, who I caught giggling recently at the magazine stand as I was at the checkout. I called over to him asking what he was laughing at. He pulled out a “fashion” magazine with little more than a woman’s cleavage on the cover. Completely normalized right? He told me he was laughing because he couldn’t believe they were (his words here) “putting this on the cover to try to sell us a magazine.” I was surprised and impressed by his analysis.

It’s no surprise then, that some of the world’s oldest religions and religious institutions have something to say about sex. But their response, perhaps predictably, is inundated with deeper ethical concerns where sex is inextricably linked with morality — both personal and communal.

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Be well and take care of each other.

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