What Are People Saying About the New Sabbath Project?

“It’s very rare a single event or a group of people create a paradigm shift in my life, but Friday night certainly did”.

“I don’t have words to thank you for one of the most exquisite evenings ever…Like out of a movie which one had not expected, before walking in and sitting down, that it would blow one away. The whole of yesterday we still felt all drunk from the intensity of the encounters with a round of absolutely extraordinary people”.

The New Sabbath Project is a destination for people interested in inclusive, pluralistic, and yes, spiritual conversations — about community building, culture and citizenship. It is an extension of our ever-growing, roundtable-like, Friday night dinners that are doing just that. Please share your links, thoughts, blogs, experiences and recipes so we can continue to grow this New Sabbath Project.

Breaking Bread and Building Community, Culture and Citizenship

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