What People Are Saying About NSP

“It’s very rare a single event or a group of people create a paradigm shift in my life, but Friday night certainly did. This event has made me take a closer look at my life, and inspired me to create new rituals to help me connect further with my communities”.
— Jon

“I don’t have words to thank you for one of the most exquisite evenings ever. And this is not an hyperbole. (We) walked out into the drizzle on (your street) and we felt like we had just walked out of a masterpiece. Like out of a movie which one had not expected, before walking in and sitting down, that it would blow one away. The whole of yesterday we still felt all drunk from the intensity of the encounters with a round of absolutely extraordinary people. And no hangover, not even today. I cannot wait to pick up, again, the many threads, tangled and untangled, at some point and when we meet again”.
— Christoff

“Thank you so much for the opportunity, experience and blessings of Friday night. From the traditions to conversation, it is an evening I have already told people about and I know it will continue to affect me and my work.
It is amazing when you open your hearts, minds and home what is possible. It was magical ~ I will always cherish it”.
— Jennifer

“Wonderful food, drink, company, conversation. The New Sabbath Project is a truly noble endeavour”.
— Luke

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